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Quality and consistency, translated into safe solutions.

fcc products confer

comfort and soft touch

We offer the right attributes for every application

With over two decades of experience and a broad portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers, we have acquired the knowledge and technology required to develop new formulations, adapting material characteristics according to the application. A qualified technical team works together with the customers to evaluate the process and technical needs, homologating the most adequate product.


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The FCC products are approved by the Brazilian and American Pharmacopeia for safe contact with the skin and mucous membranes.
FCC thermoplastic elastomers are free of restricted substances and offer safety in contact with skin and mucous membranes, being ideal for application in menstrual cups and teethers.
Soft Touch and High Grip
The high adhesion of the thermoplastic elastomers offers user safety in wet conditions, essential for toothbrushes and epilation devices.
Excellent Sealing
This feature makes the FCC thermoplastic elastomers the right products for use in syringe plungers and earplugs.
Not sure which solution is best for you?
No problem, we have a technical team ready to understand your challenge and find the ideal solution for your business.
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Polymer mortars
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Acting in the hygiene and health market for more than 2 decades, we deliver quality and consistency in our products.
more than two decades of experience in this market.
different formulations to meet the hygiene and health market.
we are present in the top 10 global brands of hygiene products.
What is the fcc?

We are
in the search for the new.

We are a materials science company and have a vocation for innovation. Our inspirations are not in one place, but in each and every place.

FCC appeared at the end of the 1960s, and began its history producing components for the footwear market. Its dedication to improving processes and developing new technologies brought success. Success brought the will to grow and innovate even more. Then FCC consolidated itself, expanded its portfolio, and became a reference. Today, it does not produce a single material that it produced in the beginning, demonstrating its ability to create, co-create, reinvent, and transform itself.

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what it is

TPE combines characteristics of flexibility and elasticity similar to rubber, and processability similar to thermoplastics, making it an ideal candidate to replace vulcanized rubber in many applications. TPE is widely used in sealing parts and in parts where grip is important. It is highly valued for applications in dynamic extruded, blown or injected parts that require flexibility andsoft touch. The high quality TPE produced by FCC meets ANVISA and FDA standards for contact with food, and the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia for contact with skin and mucous membranes, and is widely used in hygiene and health applications, home appliances, white goods, among others.

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Thermal Bottles
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