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54 years of Innovation and Commitment to the Footwear Market

For more than half a century, FCC has played a key role in Brazil's footwear industry, closely following the transformations of this market. Just as footwear is essential to our company, our journey as a supplier to the footwear industry has been fundamental to our success. On this Shoemaker's Day, we will explore how FCC has become a respected name in this industry and how our commitment to innovation and quality remains strong.


Innovation in the Footwear Industry

Founded in the Vale dos Sinos, a region known for its history and economy in the leather-footwear sector, FCC has built a trajectory full of success stories and achievements in partnership with its customers. We began our history by supplying components to 2 large footwear companies, such as laces, cleats, insoles, among others. Committed to improving processes and developing new technologies, we expanded our horizons and consolidated our position. We have expanded our product portfolio, developed new technologies, conquered new markets and become a benchmark. All this without ever distancing ourselves from our initial and fundamental market, the footwear industry.

Innovation is an integral part of our culture and our products. Today, we are recognized as the only supplier to offer a wide range of adhesives and thermoplastic elastomers for industry. We maintain a constant commitment to improvement, seeking to meet the needs of our customers, co-creating and developing products that meet the pains and challenges of this market, after all, we understand and live this market intensely.


Valuing History and the Market

We deeply value our history and all those who have contributed to our success. Serving a demanding market that is intrinsically linked to fashion trends is a major challenge, as they are the first to adopt or reject new concepts, making innovation paramount to the success of any supplier in this market. And it was by understanding the main needs of this market that we became the FCC we are today, a solid, diversified, innovative and transformative company. We are driven by a passion for doing things differently, innovating, simplifying processes and making them more agile and better.

On Shoemaker's Day, we extend our tribute to all those who are part of the footwear chain, from the artisans to the professionals who work on the assembly line of a large footwear industry. They understand the importance of a pair of shoes, not just as a fashion accessory, but as an essential part of our health and well-being. They take care of the details, from the stitching to the selection of materials, ensuring that each pair of shoes is unique and durable.

Happy day to the professionals who masterfully use their art to build new paths.