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Professional career at the FCC: Opportunities for growth and development

At FCC, we believe that every individual has the potential to be the protagonist of their own professional journey. Over the years, we have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of many highly qualified professionals, leaders and managers. Our approach to career development is deeply influenced by a commitment to constant and innovative growth, both for the success of our company and for the advancement of our employees.

Reasons to Choose the FCC

Over the last 54 years, we have been the turning point for countless successful trajectories. From trainees to leaders and managers, we have accompanied the journey of these professionals who have chosen to follow an exceptional path in their careers with us.

Our core belief is that innovation arises from each person's individuality, curiosity and ability to impact the world around them. That's why we encourage everyone to be the protagonists of their own professional stories. Our mission as a company is to provide the necessary support, guiding our employees towards opportunities that make them grow and evolve together with us. ‍‍

‍Recognitionand Appreciation: A Transparent Approach

We understand that remuneration is vital to keeping our employees engaged and motivated. That's why we are constantly improving our processes to ensure fair and competitive remuneration in the market. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in the clarity of information on remuneration, allowing our employees to understand the criteria and plan their financial future with confidence.

Structured Growth and Constant Learning

We see professional growth as a well-defined journey. Our formal evaluation system assesses both behavioral competencies and specific goals, differentiating progress at different levels. We invest significantly in training and development programs, offering a wide range of training to improve both technical and interpersonal skills. This creates an environment conducive to excellence in teamwork and the achievement of organizational goals.

Exploring New Opportunities

FCC opens its doors to growth, both for our employees and for the external public. If an employee meets the requirements of a vacancy, even if they come from another area, they are encouraged to apply and go through the selection process. If approved, they can explore new functions and areas, allowing for a holistic view of the business, varied processes and different flows.

Real Stories of Transformation

Meet voices who testify to the FCC's impactful transformation of their careers: