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Professional and Personal Development at the FCC: Learn about the Role of the Group that Inspires Self-Development

In a world of constant change, where innovation and personal and professional development are fundamental to success, FCC has adopted innovative strategies to keep its employees motivated and inspired. One notable example is a multidisciplinary group, created in 2020, with the aim of encouraging the operation's employees to be the protagonists of their own stories, boosting their personal and professional development and, consequently, their growth within the company.

‍TheRole of Multidisciplinary Groups in the FCC

The Multidisciplinary Groups at FCC are a response to the desire of employees from different areas who want to make a difference on specific issues. These groups, made up of members from different areas and units of the company, have their own objectives, which range from exploring Artificial Intelligence to promoting diversity and sustainability. FCC currently has nine multidisciplinary groups, each focused on a topic relevant to the company's development and innovation.

Regardless of the topic, the role of these groups goes beyond their specific objective. They act as agents of cultural transformation in the company, creating an environment conducive to innovation and employee protagonism. Each group contributes to the evolution of the organizational culture, strengthening the pursuit of excellence and creativity.

‍InspiringProtagonists to Self-Development

The +1 Group, created at the end of 2020, is a striking example of how FCC is investing in the personal and professional development of its employees. This group's mission is to inspire members of productive teams to walk their own path and become protagonists of their own trajectories.

The program developed by the Group spans around six months, divided into three crucial stages:

1. inspiration and motivation:

In this phase, the aim is to inspire and motivate program participants, leading them to take action towards personal and professional development. Through interviews with professionals who have had successful careers at the FCC itself, the group aims to encourage participants to break out of their inertia and take the first steps towards growth.

2. Tools and Training:

In the second stage, tools and ways of seeking training are presented, whether through online or face-to-face courses. Technical schools are invited to present their courses, encouraging FCC employees to return to their studies and invest in their professional development. In addition, a Career Workshop is organized in partnership with HR, offering insights into how to explore new directions in different areas. During this phase, the existing areas at FCC are also presented and "sponsor employees" are appointed, who are those capable of explaining and guiding the training needed to achieve the new position desired in their sector.

3. Resilience:

The last stage, called resilience, focuses on individualized support and follow-up, carried out through mentoring. Trained employees receive guidance on how to pursue their goals, both professional and personal. Mentoring aims to provide closer and more targeted support, contributing to each participant's growth path.

Since its creation, the Group has provided training for more than 110 FCC employees. Some have chosen to take new paths, while others have decided to stand out in the company, gaining new opportunities in their different areas.

The Impact of this Multidisciplinary Group: Our Success Story

An inspiring example of the impact of this Multidisciplinary Group is the story of Daiana de Souza, a Tax Assistant at FCC. After taking part in the program, while still working in the production area of the Campo Bom Unit, Daiana realized the need to develop professionally in order to reach new opportunities in the company. She realized that she was the protagonist of her own career and that she depended on herself to chart her own path.

Multidisciplinary Groups represent an innovative and effective approach to inspiring and empowering our employees. By promoting personal and professional development and encouraging individual protagonism, we are cultivating a culture of innovation and growth. The success of employees like Daiana clearly illustrates the positive impact of these initiatives, consolidating the importance of investing in human potential to achieve organizational success. FCC continues to strengthen this approach, allowing its employees to stand out as true protagonists of their careers and contribute to the company's continued growth.