Photo with purple transparency over image. In the background, several faces of FCC employees, showing the diversity of the company.
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Diversity: building an inclusive and representative work environment

At FCC, we value and encourage diversity in our work environment, recognizing the transformative power of each individual. We believe that the plurality of perspectives and experiences makes us better as a company and as a society. To foster a more inclusive and representative environment, we have dedicated efforts to building a culture that values equity and welcomes minority groups. In this article, we will present some of the initiatives we have adopted to create a space where all employees can develop and be agents of change.


Promoting diversity:

Diversity is a fundamental pillar in our work environment. We seek to increase representation in our company through recruitment actions that prioritize the inclusion of diverse talents. We recognize that diversity makes us more creative, innovative and competitive, enabling us to face challenges with different perspectives.


Empowering leadership:

We understand that leadership plays an essential role in building an inclusive culture. That is why we invest in training and lectures so that our leaders understand the importance of diversity and develop skills to promote a welcoming and equal environment. Inclusive leaders create more engaged and productive teams, making room for all employees to feel valued and heard.


Multidisciplinary Groups:

To involve all employees in cultural transformation, we encourage the formation of affinity groups, known as "Multidisciplinary Groups". These groups are made up of employees who want to make a difference on specific topics, according to their interests. In this context, in 2020, "Juntos" was born, a Diversity Group that works on 6 different fronts, as a way to cover diversity in the dimensions: gender, races, LGBTQIA+, PCDs, generations and beliefs.


At FCC, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where all employees can be protagonists of change. Our efforts to promote diversity and raise awareness of these issues are key to strengthening our corporate culture.