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Innovation at FCC: we are relentless in our pursuit of the new

Today, on National Innovation Day, we celebrate the purpose that guides every employee at FCC on a daily basis: we are relentless in our pursuit of the new, transforming ideas into materials that change the world. As a materials science company, our vocation is innovation, combining science with novelty, the unknown, doing things differently, co-creating, reinventing and transforming - everything that makes our eyes shine.

Innovation is more than just creating something new. It's about improving, enhancing and revolutionizing what already exists, whether in an everyday, simple or disruptive way.  

Culture of Innovation at the FCC

At FCC, innovation is an integral part of the culture. All employees are encouraged to innovate, regardless of their position or area of activity. We encourage innovation in products, processes and the way we connect with our clients. Listening to and understanding their needs is crucial to developing new materials that help them in their projects, adding value and efficiency to their productions.  

Our focus is centered on results, guaranteeing efficient growth in business value. We create a safe and creative environment, stimulating the diversity of creative minds and ensuring that innovation is a constant in our daily lives.

‍From theFootwear Industry to Excellence in Materials Science

Our journey began in the footwear industry, but we didn't stop there. Committed to improving processes and developing new technologies, we have broadened our horizons and established ourselves as a benchmark in materials science. By expanding our product portfolio, developing new technologies and conquering new markets, we prove that innovation is in our DNA.

We were born to innovate, and this passion is rooted in our values. We are a team of curious people with a passion for knowledge. Our inspiration is not found in one place, but everywhere. We connect with those who, like us, want to change the world. We are FCC and we turn ideas into materials that change the world.