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Open Office at the FCC: An Environment of Innovation and Collaboration

Open space offices, better known as open offices, have become a model for modern, collaborative work environments. At FCC, we adopted this innovative concept a few years ago, transforming our administrative environments into dynamic and creative spaces. Our open offices are designed to promote cooperation, innovation and freedom of choice for our employees.

‍Why didwe choose Open Office?

  • Democratic environment: The essence of the open office is the democratization of the workspace. The layout of our offices is spacious, with teams working side by side, without physical barriers restricting communication. This facilitates collaboration between departments and promotes a sense of unity throughout the company.
  • Flexibility and Privacy: Recognizing the importance of privacy, ouropen offices include meeting rooms and individual spaces for those moments when concentration and discretion are required. This allows our employees to choose the work environment best suited to their tasks and preferences.
  • Innovation and Creativity: The atmosphere in our open offices is dynamic and inspiring. We use inspiring colors and phrases to create an environment that stimulates creative minds. Our rooms are also named after commitments we value, encouraging our employees to get involved in our principles and values.
  • Mobility and Variety: Mobility is encouraged in our offices. Employees can choose different workspaces according to their needs, whether it's an informal outdoor meeting or a brainstorming session in one of the many meeting rooms available.
  • Integration with nature: At FCC, we value the balance between work and nature. We offer outdoor spaces with benches under trees, pergolas and swings. Our teams often hold meetings in a more relaxed atmosphere, to the sound of birds, promoting a unique and inspiring working environment.

Our commitment to innovation, collaboration and the well-being of our employees is reflected in our care in creating environments that stimulate creativity and boost productivity.

Would you like to be part of this environment of innovation and collaboration? At FCC, we are always on the lookout for creative and committed talent. Find out more about our career opportunities here.