Image with light background, watercolor. In the foreground, a color photo of a person in three positions, as if they had lost three senses: hearing, speech and sight. Written title FCC Sensory Workshop.
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Promoting Empathy and Awareness: Success at the 2nd FCC Sensory Workshop

At FCC, we believe that diversity enriches our environment by promoting constructive dialog and valuing different perspectives. Our efforts are focused on creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, especially minority groups. We invest not only in structure, but also in leadership training through lectures, discussion groups and trainings. In 2020, "Juntos" was created, a multidisciplinary group dedicated to discussing and promoting awareness of diversity. In 2021, this group, with the backing of our leaders, conceived a transformative internal event called the "Sensory Workshop" .

More than a Workshop, an Experience on Capacitism:

‍TheSensory Workshop aims to generate reflection and empathy, raise awareness and be a tool for promoting positive change in our company. Since its first edition, this initiative has been a hit with participants and has become a recurring event in our planning. In September, in honor of the National Day for People with Disabilities (21/09), we held the second edition of the Workshop. This action was promoted in partnership between the Multidisciplinary Group "Juntos", FCC's Human Resources area and Startup Beflow, with more than 30 guests taking part at the Campo Bom Unit.

Workshop dynamics:

Carefully selected and grouped into teams of five, the participants undergo a unique experience. During the dynamic, each member of the group loses one of their senses or abilities: hearing, touch, sight or speech. The leader, on the other hand, keeps all the senses intact and acts as an intermediary in communication between the group members. From that moment on, each person must communicate while respecting their sensory limitations and relying on the support of the leader to facilitate this interaction.

Participants are encouraged to express their feelings and understanding of this new reality through art, whether by drawing, composing poems or giving presentations. As in the first edition, the workshop was a success. At the end, employees left with a better understanding of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

The Sensory Workshop at FCC represents an inspiring initiative to raise awareness and mutual understanding. This unique experience has been effective in promoting an inclusive and empathetic culture at FCC, reaffirming our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities for all.