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Launch of FCC's 2022 Sustainability Report

We are proud to announce the publication of our first Sustainability Report!

We have built our history of more than 54 years, based on relationships of trust with customers, suppliers, the community and our employees. As part of our commitment to transparency in presenting strategies, impacts, risks and opportunities, we decided voluntarily to start reporting, through our Sustainability Report, our performance in environmental, social and governance aspects, guided by the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Following the GRI methodology, in addition to contextualizing the organization, this report presents the procedures used to determine our relevant topics for the sustainable management of the company. Furthermore, through this process, we were also able to identify our challenges and opportunities for the coming years, consolidated by means of the Sustainability Policy, first drawn up in 2022.

This report brings information that demonstrates how we manage the themes considered relevant in the view of our main stakeholders, so that they can better understand and closely follow our work. Access it in our download area, by clicking on the link: Sustainability Report 2022