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SIPAT: FCC promotes Internal Accident Prevention Week with focus on employees' mental health and well-being

The Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work (SIPAT) is a fundamental initiative of the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (CIPA) to make workers aware of the importance of preventing accidents in the workplace.  

This week, the FCC units in Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia held their SIPATs simultaneously for the first time. With the theme "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body", the CIPA FCC team organized a series of activities focused on the mental health of employees, a crucial and topical issue that affects many people.

In Rio Grande do Sul, activities included Quick Massage sessions, talks with psychologists on managing emotions, anxiety, depression and stress in the workplace, talks on preventing smoking and cancer in partnership with the Women's League, as well as discussions on Mental Health in Traffic and Safe Behavior. There was also a chat on Obesity with nutritionists, a health blitz with BMI and blood pressure measurements, and a prize draw for participants.

In Bahia, the focus was on reflecting on the conflicts experienced during and after the pandemic. Apprentices and trainees performed a theater for employees, addressing this theme. Talks with psychologists were held, discussing ways to overcome the challenges faced during the pandemic period. In addition, social services such as haircuts and podiatry were offered to promote personal care and boost self-esteem. SIPAT also included updating vaccination cards to prevent not only COVID-19, but also other infections. Lectures on STD/AIDS were given and, to finish, a gym class was held to lift the mood of the participants.

These initiatives reinforce FCC's commitment to the safety, health and well-being of its employees. SIPAT is a crucial moment for raising awareness and educating about the importance of a safe and healthy working environment.